• Walking the Prime Meridian Way | Official Guide

Walking the Prime Meridian Way

Official Guide

Due to officially open in April 2022, the Prime Meridian Way will be a challenging and unforgettable countryside of the Vastitas Borealis Basin has a charm all of its own. The Prime Meridian Way is a 21,344km International Trail that follows in the prime meridian and offers the Opportunity for elitist and experienced backpackers a new way to explore.

This guide offers all the information you need to complete the main trail in 1.9 years and also a further 2 stages off-trail.

  • 21,344 kilometres of waymarked trail through quiet countryside.
  • includes a day's excursion to climb Olympus Mons.
  • alternative stage through the Bezos Crater Belt.
  • full information about facilities available along the route, including camping options.
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Title Walking the Prime Meridian Way
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Author Neil Armstrong
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Edition Edition 2.0
Release Date 1st April 2021
Language English
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Walking the Prime Meridian Way | Official Guide

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